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Language learning offer
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  • When do the language courses start?

    The semester-long language courses begin with the lecture period.

    We also offer intensive courses during the lecture-free period in September and in March. You can find the exact dates on the Intensive Courses page.

  • When and where do the language courses take place?

    For the exact dates and locations, please refer to the overview with our semester program or the BTU schedule of events. The program is usually released about 15.03. and 15.09. before the start of the next semester.

  • Can I take my language course online?

    Currently, language courses are taught in person, by blended learning or online. Please contact the teacher in charge if you have any questions about the teaching model.

  • How do I know what level of language I should take?

    The self-assessment grid for competence levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) can help you. Select the grid for your target language (e.g. German, English or French) and create your own competence profile along the 34 scales for listening, reading, spoken interaction, spoken production and writing activities. (Source: Council of Europe 2022 )

  • Do I need to buy a textbook for my language course?

    For most language courses you will need to purchase a textbook. It is best to ask the instructor in charge for all information relevant to the course.

  • What language is spoken in the language courses?

    All language courses are taught in the respective target language. Only in beginner courses will German or English be used in exceptional cases.

Enrollment / Registration & Deregistration
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  • How can I register for a language course?

    Registration is done via the respective course in the BTU-moodle system.

  • Is there a registration deadline?

    Registration takes place 2 weeks before the start of the respective semester in the BTU-moodle system.


  • Do I have to wait another semester if I don't get a seat in the language class I want to take?

    There is a waiting list in most language courses. If you are still unable to attend, registration is not possible until the next semester. Please also note our intensive course programs in September and March.

  • Can I register for more than one language course at the same time?

    There are no restrictions. However, think carefully about whether this really makes sense: For example, do you have the necessary prior knowledge for the selected language courses? Do you have enough time for regular participation in all language courses and the associated self-study?

  • How can I cancel my registration for a language course?

    You remove your name from the list of participants on the Moodle platform and inform the responsible teacher.

Conditions of participation
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  • Who is allowed to participate in the language courses?

    All students and employees with a BTU account can participate in the language courses.

  • What are the costs of participation?

    Language courses are free of charge for all students. For some language courses, you will incur costs for a textbook. The responsible teacher will be happy to provide you with further information.

Change of language course
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  • Is it possible to change the language course after the semester starts if I find that it does not fit my level?

    Yes, this is possible if there are enough places in another group. Please contact the responsible teachers, also to inform them that you are leaving the group.

Placement tests, exams, language certificates and attestations
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  • Is a placement test required to enroll in a language course?

    You can provide the teacher responsible for your language course with proof of language proficiency (e.g. a certificate of attendance from your last language course). If this is not possible, a placement test may be given. It is best to consult the teacher in charge.

  • How do I receive a certificate of attendance or achievement upon completion of the language course?

    First, the requirements of the language course must be met. You can apply for your language certificate 2 weeks after completing the language course. Please fill out the language certificate request form.

  • Can I receive ECTS for my language course?

    Yes, but only if your program regulations provide for this. Please contact your study program coordination to find out whether you can receive ECTS for language courses.

International language tests and DAAD language certificates
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  • Is it possible to take international language tests at the Language Center?

    No. For this you need to contact the official test centers. Please refer to the information on our website under external exams.

  • Can I get a DAAD language certificate at the Language Center for my application for a semester abroad?

    Yes, we offer DAAD language certificates in English, French and Spanish. You can find more information here.

General information about the Language Center
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  • Where can I get the latest updates and news?

    We will keep you updated here on our website, as well as on the information boards in our premises.

  • Where can I find the Language Center?

    Here you can find us at our locations:

    Cottbus - Central Campus, Teaching Building 10

    Cottbus- Sachsendorf, teaching building 11

    Senftenberg, teaching building 1

  • During which office hours can I contact the Language Center?

    Office hours of the secretariats:

    Central Campus

    Tuesday 13.00 - 14.00 online
    Wednesday 09.00 - 12.00
    Thursday 13.00 - 14.00 online
    By arrangement

    Campus Senftenberg / Sachsendorf

    Office hours

    Tuesday 13.00 - 14.00 online
    Wednesday 09.00 - 12.00
    Thursday 13.00 - 14.00 online
    By arrangement

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  • How can I find a tandem partner?

    Here you can find all information about the tandem.

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