Courses, seminars and group offers for students

The Central Student Guidance and Counselling and other units of the University provide student support for students in special circumstances and for overcoming difficulties in their studies. The courses, seminars and group offers cover a wide range of topics; from dealing well with stress or doing research in the library catalogue to successfully completing your studies.

If there is no suitable offer for you, please contact us for individual advice and guidance.

Stress-free studying with TK mental strategies

With a large number of lectures, assignments and exams, studying today is like a full-time job. In order to successfully cope with these demands, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg offers helpful strategies in cooperation with Techniker-Krankenkasse.

People who are under too much stress are often unable to perform at their best at the crucial moment. Increasing pressure to perform, a large number of exams and performance records, time and deadline pressure, financial burdens and, last but not least, family obligations increase the pressure of studying.

We can learn to deal with stressful and nerve-wracking situations in a more relaxed, confident and healthy way. The seminars on offer include short and long-term methods to help us cope better with the numerous requirements of the programme. This is done, for example, through exercises for better time and learning management. The seminar also teaches the basics of autogenic training and shows sustainable ways of mental stress management. The seminar also provides important tips and opportunities for reflection on how to better deal with exam nerves, family pressures, pressure to perform and other triggers for stress.

The seminar will take place online in English and free of charge for students on the following dates (3 hours each from 09:15 - 12:00)

  • 25.04.2024
  • 16.05.2024
  • 06.06.2024
  • 13.06.2024
  • 20.06.2024
  • 27.06.2024

The number of places in the program is very limited, so registration is recommended as soon as possible. Registration and contact: BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, Jana Schneider, e-mail: jana.schneider(at)

Further courses, seminars and group offers for students

The following offers are made possible by a number of committed actors at BTU. If you have any questions, requests or wish to register, please contact the responsible office directly.

Preparatory courses before the start of studies

Online subject tests and preparatory courses can help you to simplify your start in your studies at BTU. The BTU College offers both part-time preliminary courses and compact preliminary courses during the summer months.

Supplementary tutorials for the introductory phase

The BTU College offers additional tutorials for some content areas, such as physical basics or programming.

Further information, the current range of events and registration modalities.

Fundamentals of scientific work (courses and introductions)

Courses and introductions on all topics related to literature search, research in library catalogues and the successful handling of scientific literature are offered within the framework of courses at the ICMLC.

Further information, registration possibilities, as well as the offer in the current semester.

Efficient and systematic literature research (online tutorials)

As a supplement to the course offerings, the University Library provides online tutorials for self-study assistance. The content of these tutorials includes a systematic search for suitable scientific literature and access to electronic journals.

Further information and links to the online tutorials.

Soft skills and career entry

In the Career Center you will find a wide range of seminars on the development of soft skills relevant to the labour market and on the transition from university to working life. The range of topics extends from confident handling of critical professional situations to topics such as self and time management.

Further information, the current range of seminars and registration formalities.

Professional courses and FÜS modules for scientific work

It is essential that you take advantage of the regular courses offered in your study programme at an early stage to introduce you to scientific work in your respective subject context. Furthermore, you will also find modules to strengthen your interdisciplinary skills in the current FÜS catalogue.

Further information on the current range of courses.

Sports offered at the BTU - for balance and mental strength

To compensate for the challenges of studying, BTU offers a wide range of sports from A for Aikido to Z for Zumba. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by university sports to get to know new sports or to become a champion in a discipline.

Further information, the current sports programme and registration options.