Company health promotion

Measures to improve health and well-being at work

Contact person: Simone Ruhwald, Referentin Diversity and Health

Workshops and lectures

At our university, all employees have the opportunity not only to acquire specialist skills, but also to take advantage of workshops on health promotion. stress management at work, time management and self-management, healthy eating or conversation and communication are just a few examples of the many different topics.

The registration is made using the reply form to the Centre for Continuing Education in Science.

18.05.2022 - Suddenly care case - when nothing works without help

Who does not know that? It is better to ignore unpleasant things. Nothing happens to me ... It's all too human. But a thoughtless moment on a skiing holiday or a person driving a car would rather look at the cell phone than on the road and the misfortune takes its course. It doesn't even have to be an accident, serious illnesses or the pitfalls of advancing age also mean that people can no longer manage their lives independently.

If you are still in the middle of your professional life, the children take up a good deal of your time with their leisure activities and suddenly your own parents also notice that they expect support from you, then you quickly reach your limits. It's good if you've heard of the fact that there are counseling centers that listen to you and help you to find the right path for you in the jungle of possibilities of health insurance, care insurance, social welfare office, professional providers and volunteer work.


8.05.2022,  9 - 11 o`clock


Registration is via the Center for Scientific Further Education at weiterbildung(at)

19.05.2022 - Yoga in the home office - online event (AOK Nordost)

Yoga can help you become more focused at work and bring more serenity to your daily life. In this half-hour workshop, Karen Kinsel will teach you how to stay efficient, feel and perceive your body's needs, and the importance of taking a break. Please wear comfortable clothing, make sure you have enough space on the floor as well as a soft surface (carpet/yoga mat). This workshop will take place online.


5/19/2022, 11:30am-12pm.


To register, contact gesundheitsmanagement(at)

06.10.2022 - Workshop: Refresher course on gymnastics at work

TEMPO, TEMPO - Stress relief through fast and action-packed movements

Stress is an everyday and increasing phenomenon with many manifestations and affects us in almost all areas of life. The time pressure is a problem for most people, everything has to be reconciled: family, job... even on holiday trips it is on board - being good is no longer enough, we want to be better and better. With these fast-paced movements, the pent-up strength and blocked energy are released in order to be open to rest and relaxation. Bring athletic loose clothing, a towel, and a drink.


June 10, 2022, 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m., central campus sports hall


Registration is via the Center for Scientific Continuing Education at  weiterbildung(at)

20.06.2022 - Workshop: Relaxed energy - breathing techniques and active meditation

Our energy seems to like to do what it wants: Suddenly we are awake when we actually want to sleep. Then we are tired again when we want to be wide awake. We often feel helpless at the mercy of this inner ebb and flow, try to control ourselves with coffee, energy drinks or glucose and usually make things worse. Dealing with ourselves and especially with our physical basis is unfortunately not part of our educational canon.

In Kundalini Yoga and meditation we have a variety of techniques at our disposal with which we can get to know our body-mind system and master our energy. Above all, we create a state in which our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are balanced and we are relaxed and energized at the same time.


06/20/2022, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m


Registration is via the Center for Scientific Continuing Education at  weiterbildung(at)

If you have ideas and wishes, we would be pleased if you could send them to gesundheitsmanagement(at)

Massage offer on the campus

Once a week, the members and employees of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg can take advantage of the offer of a massage during their break. Tension can be released with the help of neck or back massages. You can enjoy a soothing, short break in everyday working life. It is a self-pay offer.

After a long break, we would like to revive the massage offer on campus. We are currently in the process of determining the requirements. If you would like to accept the offer again in the summer semester 2022, we would like to contact you via a short email gesundheitsmanagement(at) We will inform you immediately as soon as the first dates have been set.

Central Campus

Dates: 02.05.; 16.05.; 30.05.;13.06.; 27.06.; 11.07.; 25.07.; 08.08.; 22.08.; 05.09.; 19.09.; 03.10.; 17.10.; 31.10.; 14.11.; 28.11.; 12.12.; 26.12.2022

Time: 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

Location: Verfügungsgebäude 1C, Room 019

Registration: Registration for the May period is via gesundheitsmanagement(at) From June onwards, registration is by telephone via physiotherapist Grit Gärtner at 0355 / 86 25 000.

Campus Senftenberg

Dates: 19.05.; 23.06.2022

Time: 9.00-11.00 a.m.

Location: Building 1, Room 1.130

Registration: Registration for May and June is via gesundheitsmanagement(at) From July on, registration is done by telephone via physiotherapy Marlen Woßlick at 03573/ 36 55 12.

Healthy at work

Recipes for the office or home office

Sometimes there is no motivation to cook freshly for yourself or you run out of ideas. Here you will find suggestions for quick, healthy and simple dishes that can also be easily frozen. Browse the BTU recipe box and try new dishes! BTU-Recipebox

Active breaks at work or home office

Most of us sit at the computer for too long, have the wrong or one-sided posture and move too little. Regular active breaks can prevent bad posture and painful tension.

With the exercises from the BTU gymnastics pool, you counteract poor posture, promote blood circulation in the tissue and do something good for yourself while you work. BTU-Gymnasticpool

External offers/cooperations

Apps for organizing everyday care (ZDG)

Caring for relatives in need of care means a lot of time and organizational effort. As part of the Future Region Digital Health Berlin/Brandenburg (ZDG) initiative, the Federal Ministry of Health will provide digital solutions (apps) to support the organization of everyday care for a one-year test phase from December 2021.

The Nui & Family Cockpit apps can help caring relatives and those in need of care to organize everyday care. For example, they can share tasks and important information digitally with other members of the caring community. Interested parties from the Berlin/Brandenburg region can now take part in the test. Participation in the test is free of charge.

You can find more information and the participation form at:

The ZDG office will be happy to answer your questions at

Gym-O-Fizz: Fitness software for active office breaks

The "Gym-O-Fizz" fitness software is now available to all BTU employees free of charge. Gym-O-Fizz regularly reminds you of your active break at the intervals you set individually. All exercises are illustrated with figures in comic style and are also described in a text.

No equipment is required and you don't break a sweat. In addition to the gymnastic exercises, eye relaxation exercises, meditations or your own exercises can be carried out. A 3-minute video with all explanations and functions can be found at: Write an email to gesundheitsmanagement(at) for your access data.

Moodgym: Online self-help for depression (AOK)

Moodgym is aimed at all BTU members. AOK's free online training supports a stronger psyche. The exercises help to recognize unhealthy thought patterns, to replace them with new ones and thus to positively change behavior - according to the motto: "Think new, feel better". The aim of the program is to reduce depressive symptoms and prevent depression. The effectiveness of the methods from cognitive behavioral therapy has already been proven by studies. Register free of charge at:

Stress under control: 4-week training program (AOK)

With the program “Stress under control” you can take a deep breath. The AOK's individual online training makes you more resilient to the challenges of everyday life and helps you to permanently avoid stress. Register free of charge for the 4-week training program at:

Gymnastics at the workplace

Fast, relaxing, effective: Under instruction, you will learn short, simple exercises that will help you stay physically and mentally fit in the workplace. The offer is aimed at all employees of the BTU. Once a week, for 15 minutes, short exercise and relaxation exercises take place directly at your workplace.

If you would like to try out this offer in your team or lead a small group yourself, you will find more information in our broschure.

Get in touch with us: gesundheitsmanagement(at)

In online mode we bring the gymnastics home to your home office, the times can be found at

You can find more workouts, movement exercises, as well as tips and tricks on the topic of 'working in balance at home' on our home page Support in the home office.

You can find more workouts, movement exercises, as well as tips and tricks on the subject of 'working at home in balance' on our homepage support in homeoffice.

BTU Health Day

Once a year, the health day takes place at the BTU Cottbus- Senftenberg. students and employees are cordially invited to try out various workshops, courses and offers. the changing topics of the health day are specifically tailored to the wishes and suggestions of all participants. in february 2020 the participants could try out at different stands according to the motto "no stress with stress" and have their physical as well as mental health tested. impressions of the health day 2020 can be found in our picture gallery.

DAK company run

BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg regularly takes part as a team in the DAK company run. you have the opportunity to experience an unforgettable running event together with colleagues*. the approx. 5 km long running course leads through the beautiful Spreeauenpark in the direction of the zoo, along the river Spree and back to the Spreeauenpark. 

You have the opportunity to train your endurance even before the event. BTU's university sports department offers a running group. Here is the link to beginners' running.

University Sports

Contact person:  Catharina Buchenau

University sport keeps you fit and healthy, allows you to balance your studies and work, creates contact between university members and brings German and foreign students closer together - no matter which sport you choose.

The central Institution for University Sports offers a wide range of different sport courses for all members of the university. If your own favourite sport does not yet exist, please contact ZEH.

Blood donation appointments of the DRK

The DRK Blood Donation Service North-East offers regular blood donation appointments on campus:
CampusDates for 2022TimePlace
Senftenberg04.01., 22.03., 14.06., 30.08., 15.11.222 - 6 p.mDRK-Bildungseinrichtung (Schillerstr. 30)
Main Campus25.01., 26.04., 05.07., 25.10.224 - 7 p.mMax-Steenbeck-Gymnasium
Sachsendorf18.01., 03.05., 28.06, 08.11.2210 - 2 pmMensa, first floor
Every healthy person can donate blood from the age of 18. an interval of at least 8 weeks must be observed between two blood donations. women may donate four times a year, men up to six times. please bring your identity card and, if available, your blood donation card with you to each blood donation. Appointment reservations can be made online under Appointment Allocation. If you have any questions, please contact the DRK Blutspendedienst Nord-Ost on 0355 / 499 50 or