4. Resettlement of the Monuments and Completion of the Campaign (1968-1980)

4.1. Egyptian Philatelic Campaign Continued (1968-1978).

In summer 1968, Egyptian Authority chose the project of dismantling the temples on the island of Philae and re-erecting them on the neighboring island of Agilkia as the temple was going under the water of the lake Nasser. On July 21, 1970 the construction of Aswan High Dam named as As-Sad-Al-Ali was completed. In 1970, UNESCO Director-General was authorized to sign agreements with the Egyptian Government and donor countries for the safeguarding of the monuments of Philae to start locating the temple as it was going under water with the rise of water in Lake Nasser.

Within this period, Egypt continued the philatelic campaign single handedly to focus on the rescue of the temple of Philae.

4.2. End of the Philatelic Campaign

On 1979 and in 1980, only two countries joined the campaign with Egypt and marked the end of the world’s 1st such international Philatelic Campaign lefts an example of how Philately can contribute to generate funds, international solidarity and promote heritage to mass people.

i. Côte d'Ivoire
ii. Republic of Benin
iii. Egypt

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