Juni 2015

02. June - 09. June 2015

DAAD and BTU Seminar on

"Development of a Renewable Energy Technology Market in Developing Countries - Knowledge and Technology Transfer for Utilization of Solar Energy"

The seminar and trade fair visit are part of the program DAAD Alumni Special Projects. The seminar is organized and hosted by the Department of Civil Law and Public Law with References to the Law of Europe and the Environment of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Process Engineering at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg (Prof. Dr. Eike Albrecht, www.tu-cottbus.de/recht). The costs will be mainly covered by funds from the DAAD provided by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).The seminar targets Germany alumni from developing countries (nationals of countries in the DAC list of developing countries) who carried out research or studied in Germany for at least 3 months and are presently living and working in their home countries.

The alumni should have a background in academic fields relevant to energy and work experience in industry and business relating to solar energy generation, transmission, distribution, application; manufacturing and sale of solar energy products; design; consultancy; project developers; planners; industrial research and development; educational institutions and related fields. The prospective participants should be potential multipliers who will disseminate the acquired knowledge and promote the adoption of solar energy technologies in their respective countries.

The seminar is designed to offer its participants an opportunity to have a profound insight into solar energy technologies options for development and growth in rural areas in the global south. It will promote creative exchange of ideas between alumni and the project staff in the field of solar energy, facilitates international scientific cooperation and strengthens participants’ capacity in the field of energy law and policy; solar energy potential contribution to energy sustainability, network stability, technologies as well as application of innovative solar energy systems in developing countries. The seminar will enhance scientific knowledge and good practices with respect to solar energy generation and utilization. In addition, it will enhance exchange of experiences, establishment of international networks between the alumni, scientific discourse and international academic cooperation in the field of solar energy. It will foster ideas with respect to joint research projects, technological development and the transfer of knowledge and technology on solar energy. 

The topics of the DAAD Alumni Seminar are:

  • Planning, law and policy
  • Solar energy application and production
  • Solar energy in developing countries
  • Solar energy’s industrial application
  • Grid stability/Innovative solar energy systems  

For further information, please contact Dr. Terence Egute

Juni-Juli 2015

28. June - 11. July 2015

DAAD and BTU Summer School on

"Sustainable land use through conversion of contaminated sites"

Flyer, program and further information coming soon!

August 2015

17. August - 29. August 2015

DAAD and BTU Summer School on

"Sustainable Land Use and Integrated Water Resource Management"

For further information, please contact Eva Leptien.