11863 - Hands on Knowledge for Side Channel Attacks Modulübersicht

Module Number: 11863
Module Title:Hands on Knowledge for Side Channel Attacks
  Praxis der Seitenkanal-Angriffe
Department: Faculty 1 - Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Responsible Staff Member:
  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Langendörfer, Peter
Language of Teaching / Examination:English
Duration:1 semester
Frequency of Offer: On special announcement
Credits: 6
Learning Outcome:This module aims at providing basic knowledge – theoretical and practical – for successfully conducting side channel attacks.
Contents:Even for successfully applying basic side channel attacks such as „Simple Power Analysis“ or „Simple Electromagnetic Analysis“ knowledge in different areas is essential:
  • Thorough understanding of cryptographic algorithms
  • Good knowledge about measurement and
  • Analysis and evaluation tools
In this mdule the necessary skills will be taught theoretically first. Afterwards they are applied by the students in the crypto hardware laboratory of IHP (Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics). The devices used for practical training have been designed and manufactured at IHP. So there are AES and ECC implementations available for experiments. The power analysis will be based on pre-recorded simulation and measurement results.
Recommended Prerequisites:Firm knowledge of module
  • 11862 Pervasive System Security
Mandatory Prerequisites:None
Forms of Teaching and Proportion:
  • Lecture / 1 Hours per Week per Semester
  • Consultation / 1 Hours per Week per Semester
  • Practical training / 2 Hours per Week per Semester
  • Self organised studies / 120 Hours
Teaching Materials and Literature:Are handed out at the beginning of the module
Module Examination:Prerequisite + Final Module Examination (MAP)
Assessment Mode for Module Examination:Prerequisite:
  • Successful implementation of the experiments in the lab
Final module examination:
  • Final presentation of the experimental results including a short oral examination, 45-60 min.
Evaluation of Module Examination:Performance Verification – graded
Limited Number of Participants:None
Part of the Study Programme:
  • Abschluss im Ausland / Cyber Security / keine PO
  • Master (research-oriented) / Cyber Security / PO 2017
  • Master (research-oriented) / Informatik / PO 2008
  • Master (research-oriented) / Informations- und Medientechnik / PO 2017
  • Master (research-oriented) / Künstliche Intelligenz Technologie / PO 2022
  • Study programme Computer Science M.Sc.: Compulsory elective module in "Applied and Technical Computer Science" (level 400)
  • Study programme Cyber Security M.Sc.: Compulsory elective module in complex "Cyber Security Methods"
  • Study programme Artificial Intelligence Engineering M.Sc.: Compulsory elective module in complex „Software-based Systems“

Due to the limited space available in the laboratory rooms of the IHP the module responsible should be contacted at an early stage.

Module Components:
  • Lecture/Practical training: Hands on Knowledge for Side Channel Attacks including consultations
  • Subsequent block laboratory in the laboratory rooms of the IHP during the lecture free period.
  • Examination: Hands on Knowledge for Side Channel Attacks
Components to be offered in the Current Semester: