12244 - Research Colloquium Modulübersicht

Module Number: 12244
Module Title:Research Colloquium
Department: Faculty 2 - Environment and Natural Sciences
Responsible Staff Member:
  • Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. (NMU, UA) Schmidt, Michael
Language of Teaching / Examination:English
Duration:2 semesters
Frequency of Offer: Every semester
Credits: 6
Learning Outcome:This module enables students to present, discuss and – at the end of the module – validate problems and challenges in their PhD research and present possible solutions.

The students will further develop their skills and competencies: scientific research and analysis skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, competencies for concept development and project management.
Contents:This module is concerned with varying contents according to the PhD research of the individual students and the main areas of research of the chairs and departments they are affiliated to.

The module will be attended for two semesters. In the first semester, students present and discuss current problems and challenges in their PhD research and receive feedback from their supervisor as well as fellow PhD students. At the end of the second semester, students present a validation of their discussed problems and challenges and possible solutions and receive, again, feedback.
Recommended Prerequisites:None
Mandatory Prerequisites:None
Forms of Teaching and Proportion:
  • Seminar / 2 Hours per Week per Semester
  • Self organised studies / 120 Hours
Teaching Materials and Literature:Bibliography will be presented during the seminar.
Module Examination:Final Module Examination (MAP)
Assessment Mode for Module Examination:Presentation incl. discussion (45 min.) on solutions to problems and challenges within the PhD research (validation)
Evaluation of Module Examination:Performance Verification – graded
Limited Number of Participants:None
Part of the Study Programme:
  • Structural Doctoral Programme / Environmental and Resource Management / PO 2017
  • Structural Doctoral Programme / Heritage Studies / PO 2017
Remarks:Capacity to be determined by the respective chairs and departments.
Module Components:In winter semester:
  • Research Colloquium of the Chair you are affiliated to (2SWS)

In summer semester:
  •  Research Colloquium of the Chair you are affiliated to (2SWS)

PhD students will attend the research colloquium offered by the chair or departments they are affiliated to.

PhD students affiliated to chairs or departments, which do not offer their own research colloquium, will choose a colloquium at another chair department upon 1) consultation and in agreement with their supervisor and 2) after consultation and in agreement with the chair or department whose research colloquium the student plans to attend. The minimum duration of participation is two semesters.
Components to be offered in the Current Semester: