13016 - Characterization of Micro- and Nanomaterials Modulübersicht

Module Number: 13016
Module Title:Characterization of Micro- and Nanomaterials
  Charakterisierung von Mikro- und Nanomaterialien
Department: Faculty 1 - Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Responsible Staff Member:
  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Flege, Jan Ingo
Language of Teaching / Examination:English
Duration:1 semester
Frequency of Offer: On special announcement
Credits: 6
Learning Outcome:After successfully completing the module, students have caught a good grasp of experimental methods for the characterization of micro- and nanomaterials. They are able to familiarize themselves with a technical topic independently.
Additionally, students have continually improved presentation skills and further competences as accurateness, endurance and curiosity.
Contents:The following topics serve as examples to illustrate the connection between basic and applied sciences and to demonstrate the methods of attaining new perceptions:  
  • internal stress and x-ray diffractometry,
  • elastic waves and elastic properties,
  • deformation analysis in the micro and nano regime,
  • Scanning probe microscopy,
  • focused ion beam,
  • nanoindenters,
  • thermography and thermal investigation of electrical micro-devices,
  • Laser techniques,
  • simulations for reliability testing,
  • compound materials
Recommended Prerequisites:
  • Sound knowledge of physics at or beyond the bachelor level.
Mandatory Prerequisites:None
Forms of Teaching and Proportion:
  • Lecture / 4 Hours per Week per Semester
  • Self organised studies / 120 Hours
Teaching Materials and Literature:
  • Will be offered during the first lecture.
Module Examination:Final Module Examination (MAP)
Assessment Mode for Module Examination:
  • Written examination, 120 min. OR
With small number of participants it is also possible to organize the assessment mode as:
  • Oral examination, 30-45 min. OR
  • Presentation, 30-45 min.
In the first lecture it will be announced, if the examination will be offered as written exam, oral exam or presentation.
Evaluation of Module Examination:Performance Verification – graded
Limited Number of Participants:None
Part of the Study Programme:
  • Master (research-oriented) / Micro- and Nanoelectronics / PO 2024
  • Master (research-oriented) / Physics / PO 2021
  • Study programme Physics M.Sc.: Compulsory elective module in complex „Physical Specialization with Experimental Focus“, topic area „Condensed Matter Physics“
Self organized studies comprise:
  • reworking of the lecture,
  • reading of original papers (in English).
Module Components:
  • Lecture: Characterizatin of Micro- and Nanomaterials
  • Related exam
Components to be offered in the Current Semester: