13608 - English B2.2 - College+ Modulübersicht

Module Number: 13608
Module Title:English B2.2 - College+
  Englisch B2.2 - College+
Department: ZES - Language Centre
Responsible Staff Member:
  • D'Onofrio, Gabriella
Language of Teaching / Examination:English
Duration:1 semester
Frequency of Offer: Every summer semester
Credits: 6
Learning Outcome:In this module, participants will be able to understand complex texts on concrete and abstract topics and communicate so spontaneously and fluently that a normal conversation with native speakers is quite possible without much effort on either side. You will learn to express yourself clearly and in detail on a wide range of topics, to explain a point of view on a topical issue, and to state the advantages and disadvantages of different options. (Compare with the CEFR B2 "Can do" descriptions).

Contents:Activity-oriented tasks for global, selective and detailed listening and reading comprehension, for the production of topic- and situation-related written texts, for topic- and situation-related oral expression as well as exercises for the comprehension and consolidation of linguistic structures (vocabulary and grammar). Furthermore, learning strategies and techniques for self-study are taught and tested.

Thematic and grammatical focus:
  •  according to. Information at the beginning of the course
Recommended Prerequisites:Strongly recommended:

English proficiency at the CEFR B1 level.

English skills will be assessed at the beginning of the semester with an entrance test.
Mandatory Prerequisites:None
Forms of Teaching and Proportion:
  • Exercise / 6 Hours per Week per Semester
  • Self organised studies / 90 Hours
Teaching Materials and Literature:New Language Leader Upper-Intermediate (coursebook) (ISBN 978-1-4479-6155-0)
Units 6-12
Additional material on Moodle

Module Examination:Continuous Assessment (MCA)
Assessment Mode for Module Examination:5 topic-related assignments or/and tests á 45-60 minutes (each 20 % weighting for module grade)
Evaluation of Module Examination:Performance Verification – graded
Limited Number of Participants:None
Part of the Study Programme:
  • No Final Exam Possible / Orientierungsstudium (2 Semester) / PO 2022
  • The module is aimed primarily at students with prior knowledge of the target language at CEFR B1+ level. It is not suitable for students with lower or higher language level.
  •  An additional REGISTRATION of the students in the Central Institution for Languages is required (https://www.b-tu.de/sprachen)!
  •  No more than 25 participants can be enrolled in each language course group.
 The face-to-face course can be conducted as a live online session in exceptional cases.
Module Components:
  •     Exercise English B2.2 (4 hpw in the summer term)
  •     Exercise English Conversation B2 (2 hpw in the summer term)
Components to be offered in the Current Semester: