Automatic self check-out

During the opening hours you can use the automatic self check-out in the ground floor of the ICMC next to the loan desk. This allows you to check-out books by yourself.

Information how to use the self check-out

  1. Please not the video tutorial and notice board.
  2. The posting is carried out by reading the barcode on your valid library card, entering the password and scanning the barcodes of the media.
  3. After scanning the media they will be unlocked.
  4. Afterwards you receive a receipt when removing the library card.
  5. Control your receipt to make sure everything is correct. Also check your media for damage and completeness.
Media you cannot borrow through self check-out:
  • Reference holdings (green stripes on the back of the books)
  • Media from a semester apparatus collection
  • Videos, CD-ROMs, DVDs
  • Journals