Replacing a lost card

Please notify the library immediately in case you loose your student ID card or your library card :

  • E-Mail
  • Telefon
    • Central Campus Cottbus +49 (0)355 69 2373
    • Campus Senftenberg +49 (0)3573 85 303
    • Campus Sachsendorf +49 (0)355 5818 303
  • in person

You are personally responsible for the consequences of improper use of your lost and not immediately locked library card.
Please be careful with your card and protect it from damage. If the library card has to be issued a second time by the University Library, a fee of 5 Euro will be charged according to the fee regulations.For students of the BTU-C S, a replacement of the student card can only be issued by the Studierendenservice and costs 40 Euros.

Issue of a new student card at the Studierendenservice of the BTU C-S ...

Don't forget, to notify the Service desk - Central Campus or at the information desk at Campus Senftenberg or Campus Sachsendorf!