Guidelines for UBICO

The UBICO database is hosted and technically maintained by KOBV (Kooperativer Bibliotheksverbund Berlin-Brandenburg) and operated with OPUS software. Editorial responsibility lies with the University Library.

1. Content

UBICO is the university bibliography of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. All completed scientific publications by members of the BTU - regardless of their physical form - are listed here.

The aim is to be complete from the year 2002, the entry of earlier publication years is optional.

Each document should have an ISBN / ISSN. Digital publications should be available under a defined URL /URN /DOI on a long-term basis.
The bibliography will be included in the annual research report of the BTU.

The following scientific documents (printed or digital) will be included:

  • Report
  • Moving Pictures (Video)
  • Picture (Poster)
  • book
  • Book (Publisher)
  • Dissertation
  • Research data
  • Habilitation
  • Conference publication
  • Patent
  • Periodical
  • Review
  • Part of a book (chapter)
  • Lecture
  • Scientific journal article referenced
  • Scientific journal article not referenced
2. Regulatory framework

The author is responsible for compliance with the criteria for recording referred to in 1. He is responsible for the authenticity and immutability of the document and for the validity of the specified URL, URN, DOI, patent number, ISBN, ISSN. The users of the database are made aware of the copyright regulations.

3. Aquisition

The author is responsible for the input in UBICO.

The name and contact data of the author must be entered for queries from the library. These data will not be published.

Information for the  acquisition of publications can be found on help pages on the Internet, and the library also offers personal advice. The data entered by the authors are activated by the university library and can only then be searched.

Changes and deletions must be reported to the University Library.

Bibliographic corrections can be made by the University Library without consultation.

4. Search

Searching in the university bibliography UBICO is possible worldwide via the search engine OPUS.

5. Document provision

All BTU publications which are subject to compulsory delivery (Amtsblatt der BTU Cottbus 1996,6 vom 19.08.1996) are handed in at the thesis department. They are included in the university libraries collection as a paper and/or as a file and listed in the library catalogue. If possible, publishing house productions should be made available by the author to the university library. If you wish to make a publication available online, please use the digitale repository of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg.