Doctoral Colloquium and Workshop Seminar

In this weekly colloquium the doctoral students present the research questions, material and theses of their doctoral work, ranging from the history of planning and social-historical urban research to the ancient history of construction and technology.

During the workshop seminars, the doctoral students give an insight into their research methods through their sources and materials. The research approaches of the different disciplines and methodical challenges regarding the individual research projects are then discussed with the audience. The seminar focusses on evaluating the core research questions based on the materials and on translating the findings back into the overarching context of the dissertation.
The seminar is organised as a weekly roundtable talk between the members of the Research Training Group that follows a short introduction into the available research materials and the specifics of the sources.

The colloquium takes place on Wednesdays at 9:30 am, in Lehrgebäude 2D, Room 109 or online. If you are interested in attending, please email Albrecht Wiesener (albrecht.wiesener(at)

Research Seminar in the Winter Term 2022/23

19 October 2022        
Hakan Tarhan (Lucca)
Public Perceptions of ‘the Other’s’ Heritage: Ottoman Heritage in Greece and Byzantine Heritage in Turkey

2 November 2022    
Andjelka Badnjar Gojnic (Aachen)
Building for Societal Modernisation in Yugoslavia and Beyond: Case of the Institute for Testing of Materials

16 November 2022
Sophia Walk (Vienna)
Das relationale Haus. Konrad Freys Entwurf des Wohnalltags

23 November 2022
Mareike Stöber (Munich)
‚Die letzten Zeugen‘. Messmodelle im Ingenieurbauwesen – wissenschaftliche Bedeutung und Erhaltung

30 November 2022
Apolline Vranken (Brussels)
From Beguinages to Simone Guillissen-Hoa (1916–1996): A Gender Perspective of Space and History

14 December 2022
David Leupold (Berlin)
Relicts of (Another) Future? Genesis and Afterlife of the Microdistrict (Mikroraion) at the Foot of Tian Shan

11 January 2023  → cancelled!
Benno Hinkes (Cottbus)
Aesthetics of Built Environments. How can Art and Philosophy Contribute to a (Critical) Investigation of Architecture?

18 January 2023
Clara Jiva Schulte (Cottbus)
Stählerne Bahnbrücken als Erbe der Hochmoderne

1 February 2023
Elisabeth Hinz (Munich)
Die Erhaltung von Sichtbeton als historische Praxis. Entwicklungslinien der Betoninstandsetzung in Deutschland

15 February 2023
Giulia Iannucci (Macerata)
Berlin’s ‘Auf- and Abbau’: the Construction and Demolition of the German Metropolis and Past