Technology Transfer

At the Chair of Thermal Energy Technology and the Hydrogen Research Center of BTU, we are committed to fostering a dynamic bridge between academia and industry. Our mission is clear: to propel industrial aspirations into reality through robust contract research and collaboration. We provide end-to-end support, from initial feasibility assessments to the meticulous evaluation of components, systems, and processes. Whether it's design, simulation, or experimental testing, we have you covered. Our expertise extends to initiating and steering publicly funded research projects at various levels, including state, federal, and EU platforms.

Research & Development Excellence: TRL 1 to 6

Our commitment to innovation is evidenced by our comprehensive R&D services:

  • Scientific Expertise: Leverage our expertise and insights, including our scientific consulting and comprehensive literature reviews, to ensure that your projects are anchored in the most current research and methodologies.

  • Technical Mastery: Engage with our pre-technical studies, material development, and rigorous testing of components and prototypes.

  • Advanced Modelling: Harness the power of our energy and mass balance modelling, energy system simulations, and multiphysics simulations to optimize your systems and processes.

Collaborative Development and Validation

We thrive on collaboration:

Empowering the Next Generation

At BTU, education and mentorship are paramount:

  • Scientific Mentoring: We actively mentor working students, providing them with real-world insights and guidance.

  • Thesis Collaboration: Engage in collaborative graduation projects, be it Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD theses, ensuring academic stringency and industrial relevance.

  • Professional Training: Elevate your team's skills with our specialized professional training modules, tailored to industry needs.