Seminar Corporate Development and Market Structures (530125)


Do people have a subconscious "friend or foe" mechanism? What influence does physical attractiveness have in the negotiation process? These and other questions are dealt with by students in the seminar on corporate development and market structures. In a given period of time, the students will work on a research question, which they will independently answer through scientific and structured work. The general framework "Corporate Development and Market Structures" retains the idea that students receive specific thematic impulses for their questions from semester to semester. 

Learning goals:

ContentCritical thinkingCommunicationSocial and ethical behaviour Quantitative researchResearch based problem solving Type of lecture (compulsory or elective)

Exam und Credits:

  • MCA
    • Intermediate presentation in the group (8/12 minutes for 4/6 credits) + 10 minutes of discussion (30% of the evaluation)
    • Written seminar (10/15 pages for 4/6 credits) (70% of the evaluation)
  • Credits: 6 


every term

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Further information can be found in the current module description.