Education for sustainable development and Transition Management (11371)


Why sustainable development, generational justice, and globalization are highly relevant and what premises are associated with them are centrally discussed in this course. The need for education for sustainable development is highlighted, as well as its basic concepts and objectives. Furthermore, in view of the overuse of natural resources, the course will also address the question of how wealth can be decoupled from the consumption of resources. To this end, various areas of research on the topic of transition management will be presented. The design of the fundamental changes in structure, culture, and practice will be elaborated. The future appearance of large cities and basic methods of transition research are of particular importance.

Learning goals:

ContentCritical thinkingCommunicationSocial and ethical behaviour Quantitative researchResearch based problem solving Type of lecture (compulsory or elective)

Exam und Credits:

  • MAP (online-exam)
  • Credits: 6 


every term


Die Veranstaltung besteht aus online-Vorlesungen und online-Übungen zum Selbststudium. Es gibt keine Präsenzveranstaltung außer der Einführung zu Beginn des Semesters und die Semesterabschlussprüfung (online-Klausur).

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