It is very important that you ensure yourself that you have sufficient insurance coverage, as there is no insurance coverage associated with the Erasmus+ programme. The EU Commission, the NA DAAD, the consortium LEONARDO-Büro Brandenburg or your home university are not liable for the case of your underinsurance.

The following insurances are compulsory:

  • Health insurance

It is compulsory to have an internationally valid health insurance policy that covers you during your stay abroad - also in the event of a pandemic - and covers medically necessary repatriation and repatriation costs in the event of death.

Basic care during your stay abroad is covered by the beneficiary's statutory national health insurance via the European Health Insurance Card. This card gives access to medically necessary public health services in EU countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the same conditions and costs as apply to citizens of the respective country. For more information, see

However, the European Health Insurance Card does not apply to health care providers from the private sector.

It is advisable to take out additional health insurance abroad. In the event of illness abroad, this insurance covers the costs not covered by the domestic insurance, e.g. for medical treatment abroad or repatriation in the event of illness.

As a rule, the foreign health insurance does not pay,

  • if a travel warning has already been issued by the Foreign Office before departure,
  • if the insurance is taken out during the stay abroad or
  • if it is only taken out in the event of illness.

In principle, illnesses due to Covid-19 are insured; however, not all insurance policies cover pandemics. Please pay attention to this when taking out an international health insurance policy.

  • Liability insurance (for private damage and damage caused by the trainee at the workplace)

Liability insurance covers damage caused by the trainee during his/her stay abroad (whether the damage is caused at the workplace or not). Different models of liability insurance exist in the countries participating in the Erasmus+ programme. The trainee thus exposes himself/herself to the risk of not being sufficiently insured. The trainee must check whether insurance cover exists for damage caused at the workplace. In countries where national regulations do not make this compulsory, the host institution cannot be forced to take out such insurance. In this case, the insurance must be taken out by the trainee. Private liability insurance only insures against liability damage in the private sphere, not against damage at the workplace.

  • Accident insurance (for private accidents and accidents of the trainee at the workplace)

    Workplace accident insurance covers damages suffered by the trainee due to accidents at work. In many countries, employees are insured by their employer in case of accidents at work. The extent to which this insurance coverage also applies to Erasmus+ trainees may vary in the countries participating in the programme.
    The trainee must check whether there is insurance cover for accidents at work. In countries where national regulations do not make this compulsory, the host institution cannot be forced to take out such insurance. In this case, the insurance must be taken out by the trainee. Private accident insurance only insures against accidents in the private sphere, not against accidents at the workplace.
    The statutory accident insurance, through which you are insured during your studies at your home university, does not apply during your internship abroad (see letter from the Brandenburg Accident Insurance Fund).

You generally have the option of taking out a combined health, accident and liability insurance policy with the DAAD insurance office.

Student tariff 720 A, 38,00€/month (see leaflet under:

Graduate tariff 726A, 69,00€/month (see leaflet under:, which includes the complete insurance cover required for an Erasmus+ grant.

Comprehensive information: See DAAD Group Insurance

This insurance contract is only valid for the duration of your sponsorship by the LEONARDO office. Any extensions in an insurance for a stay abroad have to be organised yourself.

Important! Don't terminate your german legal health insurance contract.

You have to prove adequate insurance coverage to the LEONARDO office before beginning your internship with the Declaration of Insurance Coverage. (Download forms for students hereforms for graduates at this page)

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