Sustainable canteens at the BTU

We work closely with the Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) as the operator of our canteens and are constantly trying to work together to make the catering for our students and staff more sustainable.

What has already been achieved:

  • 100% organic coffee, peeled potatoes, rice and beef.
  • 100% fair trade coffee and cocoa
  • 100% game meat from the region
  • 100% fish from sustainable fisheries
  • The Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) is a practice partner in the GanzTierStark project of HNEE, TU-Berlin and FÖL.
  • We support the positive effects of vegan/vegetarian nutrition on health and the environment with daily vegan and/or vegetarian meals.
  • To the best of our knowledge, no genetically modified products are used.
  • Daily fresh and colourful salad bar
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables every day
  • No fruit is flown in
  • The canteens are always there for you: there is breakfast, lunch and tasty snacks for in between: there is something for every taste - whether hot or cold
  • Continuous reduction of disposable packaging and gradual switch to more environmentally friendly alternatives such as reusable solutions
  • Green electricity - the Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) uses 100% green electricity

Curious or hungry? Here you can find the current menus of the Mensa.