student idea contest on the topic of sustainability at the BTU

From 18.10. to 14.11.2021, we asked and searched for your contributions and ideas for our idea contest on the topic of "Sustainability at the BTU".

A big thank you to all students taking part in this action! 

And the winner is....

1. Stefanie Lange (B.Sc., WiIng, FH): Central digital black board for all BTU-members with categories like scientific books, furniture, household appliances, clothes, flats and carpooling

2. Zahidul Haque (M.Sc., ERM): Microalgae CO2 Scrubber for home or apartment: future bioresource to combat Climate Change 

3. Maryna Ponomarenko (B.Sc., ERM): Participatory sustainability: sustainability in teaching

The three best ideas are going to be initiated and implemented, respectively the student is going to be supported with the implementation. Further information on the current status will follow continously.