START SMART Workshop: Design Thinking

Discover the essentials of Design Thinking and how it can help you to tackle complex problems creatively. Through teamwork, you'll learn to use innovative tools to develop ideas and prototypes.

START SMART Workshop: Design Thinking
Wednesday, June 12th (10:30 AM - 3:30 PM with one break)
COLab at Startblock B2, Cottbus

Registration: HERE

This workshop is part of START SMART - Summer School for Entrepreneurs, an innovative event, aimed at empowering entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to bring their startup ideas to life. The Summer School offers a series of workshops, lectures, and networking opportunities designed to blend practical skills with theoretical knowledge. 


This workshop introduces participants to the fundamentals of Design Thinking, a method for solving problems creatively and effectively. You'll gain a general understanding of what Design Thinking entails and how it can be applied to generate innovative solutions.

What to Expect

The session focuses on collaborative group work, utilizing innovative tools, and developing prototypes to address both existing and theoretical challenges:

  • Collaborative Learning: Engage in group work to tackle problems using a holistic, user-centered approach that values teamwork and learning from errors.
  • Innovative Tool Use: Experience hands-on use of diverse tools designed to foster creative thinking and prototype development.
  • Solution Development: Learn to craft ideas and prototypes that address complex issues, benefiting from a Design Thinking mindset that encompasses viewing the world from multiple perspectives

Workshop Goals 

By the end of this workshop, you will have gained a thorough understanding of Design Thinking and its application in creating human-centered solutions for startups. You will be able to skillfully use various innovative tools to refine your ideas and develop prototypes. This knowledge will empower you to creatively solve complex problems, significantly advancing your journey toward launching a successful startup.

Who should attend? 

This workshop welcomes everyone interested in starting their own business, from complete beginners to those who already have an idea.   

Facilitator: Cheng-Wen Jaw (BTU Startup Service


The number of participants for this workshop is limited to 10 in order to ensure a personalized learning experience. Please do register here in advance in order to secure your spot for this workshop or any part of the START SMART event. In case of any changes to your registration, kindly inform us at least one week prior. This allows waitlisted individuals the opportunity to participate and ensures that no spot remains unclaimed.

You can also register here for each individual START SMART event or any individual program point of your interest.

Additional Information

Food and Beverages: Please note that there will be no catering services available on site.

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