Completed Projects


Innovation Center Modern Industry Brandenburg (IMI)

Project description of IMI Brandenburg

Within the framework of the project 'Innovation Center Modern Industry Brandenburg' a consulting center for small and medium sized enterprises in Brandenburg was created. The application of new technologies is demonstrated in a 'model factory' using realistic setups. Furthermore, entrepreneurs can learn about reference projects offering approaches and ideas for the improvement and optimization of their own processes. Through talks, discussion groups and workshops knowledge and Best-Practice-experiences about different areas related to Industrie 4.0, such as technologies, methods and processes, are imparted. Moreover, an analysis of the improvement potential regarding the actual state in the respective company is conducted based on a separate conversation and distinct aims are determined. Subsequently, an individual strategy for the implementation of the expansion, modernization or automation of the particular manufacturing processes is developed. In order to realize the required actions potential integration partners are introduced and cooperations and projects initiated. Also, the opportunity to get informed about possibilties for grants is provided.


36 months (2015-2017)

Graduate School "dependable systems" (ZUSYS)

Dependable Hardware/Software Systems

Project description of ZUSYS

Project ZUSYS

 The Graduate School ZUSYS offers trainings for highly qualified professionals in the field of reliable HW/SW systems. The skills required in leading positions are generally not covered in traditional doctoral studies. Hence, the graduate student is able to gain specific knowledge in all basic technologies by taking part in tutorials, workshops, research projects and courses of ZUSYS. To ensure a high quality of education the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg cooperates with the Universities of Liberec, Tallinn and Poznan.


Laundry Robotics Co-Techno/RFID-System

Project description

Project Laundry Robotics

Development of a fully automated system for drying and smoothing of flat laundry

 Research Projects

 The development aims to significantly minimize the energy expenditure in the smoothing process by optimizing the combination between defined air and contact drying. At the same time productivity is to be increased by an automatic feeder the flat linen.

Tasks of the Chair

  • Separating the washed laundry parts
  • gripping and transferring the laundry article
  • development of a defined hot air system



Contact Person

Carsten Wedemeyer


"Plug and Produce" components and methods for adaptive control of robots in the factory of the future.

COMET Project Description

Projekt COMET (FP7-2010-NMP-258769)

Plug-and-produce COmponents and METhods for adaptive control of industrial robots enabling cost effective, high precision manufacturing in factories of the future

Research Projects

  • Signature system for the characterization of industrial robots
  • CAM-System for industrial robot application
  • Adaptive Tracking System for Milling path tracking
  • Highly dynamic compensation mechanism to increase the work piece surface quality

Tasks of the Chair

  • Work Package management, technical coordination
  • Modeling of robot behavior
  • Analysis of the miling process
  • Experimental validation of the results


14 Partners, 30 Monath term (2010-2013)


System for web-based interaction for iteration of customer requirements in product design

eCUSTOM Project Description

Projekt eCUSTOM (EU-FP7-2010-NMP-ICT-FoF-260067)

A Web-based Collaboration System for Mass Customization

Research Projects

  • User Adaptive Suspension System for the integation of customer requirements in product design (Open Innovation)
  • Concept of production planning in the decentralized production system
  • Ecological evaluation module for measuring the impact of different variants in production development on the environment

Tasks of the Chair

  • Work Package management
  • Development of a decetralized production planning module for optimizing distributed manufacturing process
  • Construction of a multilayer data infrastructure for interoperabilty between different stakeholders


11 Partners, 36 Month Term (2010-2013)

Project LASA

Investigations of the transition of Bachelor graduates to the professional environment

LASA Project Description

Project LASA

Transition of Bachelor graduates into the professional environment

Research Projects

  • Study of the impact of the engineer gap between the academic environemt and the professional environment in Brandenburg

Tasks of the Chair

  • Project coordinationand control
  • Development of solution recommendations for universities based on survey results of the empirical survey
  • Special considertaion of MINT graduates within 2 years after the graduation
    (MINT: Mathematik-Informatik-Naturwissenschaften-Technik)


Hochschule Lausitz, 21 Month Term (2011-2013)

Project AiF

Development of a fully automated system for drying and smoothing of flat layered laundry

AiF Project Description

Projekt AiF

 Development of a fully automated system for drying and smoothing of flat layered laundry

 Research Projects

The development aims to significantly minimize the energy expenditure by optimized combination between a defined air and contact drying during the process. At the same time productivity is to be increased by an automatic feeder of the flat linen.

Tasks of the Chair

  • Separating the washed laudry articles
  • Gripping and transferring the laudry articles
  • Development of a defined Hot air system


Vogler und Vogler GmbH, Waretex, WÄTAS, Kannegiesser,
27 Months Term (2011-2013)

Other Projects

PCK Raffinerie Schwedt
Feasibility study for the automatic filling of tank cars

TSB Inpro
Study on the use of physics engines in the virtual planning of production processes

ZAB Waretex
Process simulation of managing laundry containers for automatic storage

HYMOLD (EU-FP6-COOP-CT-2006-032931)Development of a Hybrid Machine Tool Concept for Manufacturing of Freeform Surface Moulds

FUTURA (EU-FP6-2004-NMP-NI-4-026621)
Multi-Functional Materials and related Production Technologies integrated into the Automotive Industry of the Future

Production laboratory with 5 -axis milling center