Project taf

Transfer of agile manufacturing methodes

A chesco Project for Technology Transfer in the Region

Structural change and the focus on sustainable energy production bring with them potential for change for manufacturing companies in Lusatia. During the start-up phase of the chesco research center, the taf project "Transfer of Agile Manufacturing Methods" is developing a transfer concept that will communicate innovative developments in industrial manufacturing to regional SMEs. The project promotes networking with industrial partners and the transfer of knowledge in the field of agile manufacturing methods to companies in the region.

Purpose of the taf Project

The German government has set the goal of climate neutrality by 2045. In order to implement fast solutions in the field of hybrid-electric and electric systems, appropriate manufacturing technologies and faster development cycles are required. Many regional manufacturing companies have the potential to contribute here. The taf project supports companies in applying agile manufacturing methods and implementing them economically.

At the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, research has been conducted in the field of manufacturing technology for almost 30 years. This knowledge is to be made practically usable through a transfer concept and by setting up a research factory. The knowledge transfer concept will be developed and tested together with interested companies in workshops. In the research factory, agile manufacturing methods can be demonstrated and tested under realistic conditions.

The taf project enables partners to participate in transfer workshops at low cost, to access a large research and business network, to develop new business areas and to test new production methods.