Structure and Facilities


Structure of chesco

The Center for Hybrid Electric System Cottbus consists of the areas Design, Manufacturing, Test and Digital.

In the design area, innovative design concepts are developed and visualized together with partners. In the manufacturing area, prototypes and components are produced in the shortest possible time using innovative and agile manufacturing methods. Afterwards, the prototypes and components are tested under real conditions in the test area, e.g. at sea level or for the aviation sector at flight altitude. All areas are fully digitally networked.

Current location - chesco research factory

In the project taf - transfer of agile manufacturing methods - we are currently building the chesco research factory in Cottbus-Dissenchen. The chesco research factory consists of the project rooms for design development and work with partner institutions, the test area for testing components and the manufacturing area for producing prototypes. Here, agile manufacturing methods can be demonstrated under realistic conditions.

Planning for the future - chesco new building

The Lausitz Science Park (LSP) is being built on the Technology and Innovation Park (TIP) site on the north-western outskirts of Cottbus in the direct vicinity of the main campus of the BTU. The new chesco building will be constructed here on approx. 5 hectares. This will consist of the research center, f-merc (fast make electrification research center) and test center

Verkürzung von Innovationszyklen

The reason for the specific structure of chesco is our objective of drastically shortening innovation cycles. By combining the areas of design development, manufacturing and testing at one location, it should be possible to achieve faster research results that can be applied in the mobility industry.

How do we achieve this?

  • all areas are located in one place
  • specific equipment in all areas
  • all processes are digitally networked
  • there is a high degree of flexibility
  • processes can be adapted quickly
  • production of prototypes instead of series