Field Trips

During each three-year cycle of the DFG Research Training Group ‘Cultural and Technological Significance of Historic Buildings’, a joint excursion is organised to one of the larger international research projects of the academics involved. This event is used as an interdisciplinary project workshop, and ranges from documentation and analysis to differentiated assessment and conceptual design. The first major excursion ran from 16 to 24 May 2015 and took the group to Saint Petersburg, Russia. In October 2016, the Research Training Group visited Rome/Italy and in May 2017 Santiago de Compostela/Spain. The RTG plans a 10-day field trip to Jordan in October 2018.

In addition to these excursions, which take place every three years, the Research Training Group also undertakes further one-day research and cultural visits to cooperating partners in Germany as well as to places and objects related to historic building culture in the vicinity of Cottbus. On 4 July 2014, they visited the Bauhaus building in Dessau and the nearby master houses and on 10 October 2014, the group went on an early-semester excursion to Eisenhüttenstadt and the monastery of Neuzelle. In follow-up to the Saint Petersburg excursion, the Research Training Group visited the Russian ‘Alexandrovka’ colony and the Russian Orthodox Church in Potsdam on 26 June 2015. On 23 June 2017 the group visited Görlitz where a guided tour through the historic city centre gave an insight to research on medival dwellings and to restauring measures taken in the past years. A 4-day field trip to Cologne was conducted in April 2018.