Doctoral Colloquium and Workshop Seminar

In this weekly colloquium the doctoral students present the research questions, material and theses of their doctoral work, ranging from the history of planning and social-historical urban research to the ancient history of construction and technology.

During the workshop seminars, the doctoral students give an insight into their research methods through their sources and materials. The research approaches of the different disciplines and methodical challenges regarding the individual research projects are then discussed with the audience. The seminar focusses on evaluating the core research questions based on the materials and on translating the findings back into the overarching context of the dissertation.
The seminar is organised as a weekly roundtable talk between the members of the Research Training Group that follows a short introduction into the available research materials and the specifics of the sources.

The colloquium takes place on Wednesdays at 9:30 am, in Lehrgebäude 2D, Room 109 or online. If you are interested in attending, please email Albrecht Wiesener (albrecht.wiesener(at)

Doctoral Colloquium in the Summer Term 2022

11 May 2022
Rebecca Erika Schmitt
Gewölbearchitektur im Umfeld der Dientzenhofer im Kontext von angewandter Geometrie und Stereotomie

18 May 2022
Fabrizio Sommaini
Anatomy of an XXL Architectural Structure: The West Hall of the Domitianic Complex between Roman Forum and Palatine Hill in Rome

25 May 2022
Konrad Frommelt
Konstruieren im System. Forschung, Lehre und Praxis im Bauwesen der DDR 1960–1990

1 June 2022
Florian Rietmann
Die Geschichte des Gebäudekomplexes Prora auf Rügen. Im Spannungsfeld zwischen Diskurs, Nutzung und gebauter Substanz

8 June 2022
Barış Altan
Architect Cahide Tamer’s Personal Archive: Approaching the Byzantine Heritage of Istanbul through Restoration Practices

15 June 2022
Jens Wiedow
The State Architecture of Jacob Alfred Joel in South-West Africa (Namibia)

22 June 2022
Chiara Circo
Small Historic Towns between Abandonment and Heavy Transformations. Towards Guidelines for Restoration and Compatible Reuse of the Ancient Buildings in Leonforte (EN) e Petralia Soprana (PA), Sicily (Italy)

29 June 2022
Soheil Nazari
Practical Geometry and Structural Evolution in Persian Islamic Architecture from the 12th to 16th centuries: A Comparative Study in Persian and Gothic Ribbed Vaults

6 July 2022
Heike Bücherl
Gebaut – Umgebaut – Recycled: Bauhistorische Untersuchung zweier großgriechischer Tempel in Selinunt

13 July 2022
Shraddha Bhatawadekar and Mrinal Pande
Between Representations and Perceptions: Rethinking the Role of Indian Collections in (Post)Ethnological Museums in Germany