Public lectures

In the public lectures of the Research Training Group ‘Cultural and Technological Significance of Historic Buildings’ at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, selected historical buildings are analysed as bearers of the architectural and technical achievements of their time as well as places of memory for building cultures of the past. In addition to reconstructing important phases of architectural history from antiquity to modern times, the current value of historic buildings is analysed; ‘Why do we place significance on certain historic buildings and not on others?’ and ‘What are the symbols and narratives that play a decisive role in this?’

Lecture in the Summer Term 2023


Wednesday, 26 April 2023, 6 pm
Lorenz Korn (Bamberg)
Seljuk Dome Chambers in Iran (11th/12th c.): Questions of Design and Construction


The event takes placein Building 2C/D, in Atelier Oestreich on the first floor, and will also be streamed online via Webex. If you are interested in attending online, please email Albrecht Wiesener (albrecht.wiesener(at)