Researchers will participate in a three-year study programme designed to support and supplement their work. The programme consists of interdisciplinary colloquia, doctoral skill building lectures and optional courses. A group field trip and an accompanying workshop are also offered within the period of doctoral studies.

The first semester serves as an orientation period during which participation in courses offered by the Institute for the History of Building and Art familiarises the doctoral candidates with their academic environment and the different disciplinary approaches. Additional arrangements are made together with the doctoral candidates to ensure that they have the opportunity to develop key qualifications and soft skills suited to their individual needs and competencies during the first semesters. The involvement of the doctoral students in the preparation of the interdisciplinary colloquia and excursions represents a significant contribution to their professional qualifications which should be further enhanced by the independent preparation of expert workshops (for their own research topic) and shorter excursions in the future.

Accordingly, the goal of all courses offered by the Research Training Group (RTG) is to simultaneously strengthen the scientific personality of the doctoral students and to serve to the aim of successfully completing the doctorate within the course of 3 years. Providing candidates with a balanced mix of individual opportunities and a compulsory study programme in an interdisciplinary and community building environment has proven to be effective.

Lecturesweekly in the first semester4 hours
Core Skillsweekly from the 2nd semester2 hours
Research Seminarweekly2 hours
Workshopin the 2nd semester weekly instead of the colloquium2 hours
Lecture Seriesevery two weeks2 hours
External Lecturesfour lectures in the 3rd and 6th semester instead of the lecture series2 hours
Expert workshopsat the request of the doctoral candidates1 day
Interdisciplinary colloquiaannually2–3 days
Symposia by postdocs1 each postdoctoral tandem1–2 days
Long Excursions2 per doctoral group6–10 days
Short Excursions2–3 per Semester1–2 days
Research Staysdependent on arrangements made with the foreign institution and the supervisors2–6 weeks
Midterm-Reviewin the 3rd semester1 day

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