Zeido Zeido

Born in 1987, Dr. phil., Bachelor’s in Architecture from P.U.S.A: The Private University of Science & Arts in Aleppo, Syria. Master of Science in Architecture from Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi in Istanbul, Turkey. Doctorate of Philosophy (Dr. phil.) from Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus, Germany. Affiliated with the UNESCO Secretariat’s Expert Roster for Emergency Safeguarding of the Syrian Cultural Heritage. Selected professional experience: From October 2019 until November 2022 Architect at Grukon Consulting in Berlin. From April 2016 to September 2019 researcher at Brandenburg University; Visiting and Guest Lecturer in Brandenburg University, Helwan University and the German University in Cairo-Berlin Campus. Before 2016 experience as a practicing architect in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

Research interests: Heritage in conflict zones, urban heritage of the MENA region.


Current Project:

Co-editor of the book "Mapping Cities in the MENA Region: Visualising the Untold Narratives of Heritage"

Completed Doctoral Research project:

Reclaiming the Architectural Heritage of Aleppo after the Syrian War



Zeido, Zeido (forthcoming 2023). Aleppo A ‘Mental Map’ of Aleppo: The City’s Urban Evolution and its Architectural Styles. In: Zeido, Zeido & Çağaptay, Suna (Eds.): Mapping Cities in the MENA Region: Visualising the Untold Narratives of Heritage. Birkhäuser, Basel.

Zeido, Zeido (2023): Attempting to document and rehabilitate Aleppo between 1994 and 2011: the ramifications of pre-conflict built heritage mismanagement and the effects of the scarcity of documentation on options available for post-conflict conservation. Built Heritage 7, 3 (2023). https://doi.org/10.1186/s43238-023-00084-2.

Zeido, Zeido / Ibold, Nura (2019): The Division of Aleppo City: Heritage and Urban Space. In: Frank, Sybille / Ristic, Marjana (Eds.): Urban Heritage in Divided Cities: Contested Pasts, London 2019.


Selected taught lectures:

  • The post-war reconstruction experience of Warsaw
  • Beirut’s division and post-war experience
  • The destruction of Aleppo’s heritage before and during the conflict: The Different Urban Spaces and the conflict division
  • Heritage and Identity: Heritage Sites as a tool for International conflicts in the Middle East



  • Research scholarship from the Gerda Henkel Foundation


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