Reclaiming the Architectural Heritage of Aleppo after the Syrian War

The ongoing war in Syria has resulted in the destruction of a huge part of the country’s architectural legacy. Many heritage specialists and experts of other professions have highlighted the importance of documenting and gathering data in anticipation of reconstruction efforts in postwar Syria.

This dissertation aspires to present information that contributes to the rebuilding process of Aleppo by providing a description of the relevant structures and spaces seen in different Aleppine architectural styles. This explanation should provide a vital resource for one seeking  clarification regarding the distinctive characteristics and distribution of architectural styles in the city of Aleppo. This dissertation intends to examine Aleppo as a whole and focus on areas often neglected by researchers because they lie outside the borders of the old city drawn by the UNESCO in 1986. Additionally, it will contain a thorough study of the city’s pre-war and wartime urban problems that includes the spatial, historical, and social aspects at play in the different Aleppine architectural styles.

The study will also include a lot of pertinent information that is only available in Arabic as well as information known only to the inhabitants of the city. Therefore, it is important for this research to utilise diverse research methods and to compile information and opinions from national and international researchers as well as Aleppines to ensure that the complexity and sensitivity of Aleppo’s post-war urban issues are dealt with in an appropriate way.

Researcher: Zeido Zeido

The dissertation was published at BTU Cottus-Senftenberg in 2019 under the title "Reclaiming the Architectural Heritage of Aleppo the Syrian War".