Academic Research and Methods

Learning Outcome

The module will introduce PhD-students to academic research and enhance their skills in applying scientific methods. PhD-students will learn the differences, advantages and challenges of disciplinary versus interdisciplinary research in environmental sciences. PhD-students will learn how to identify international journals for their work and how to develop appropriate publication strategies. They will also learn how to present their work to an international workshop audience.


Reasons for publishing in international journals. Developing an appropriate publication strategy and selection of adequate journals. How to write different parts of a paper (title, abstract, introduction etc.). Submitting a paper and adequately addressing possible responses of reviewers and editors. Ethical aspects when publishing papers. Application of scientific methods in different disciplinary and interdisciplinary contexts. Advantages and challenges of disciplinary versus interdisciplinary work. Abstract submission, oral presentations, and posters on international conferences. Practicing conference presentations by presenting own research/scientific methods by lecturer, PhD-students and subsequent discussions. Invitation of guest speakers.