Price list:

paperformatline/draftnormalfull surface
90gA20,50 €1,00 €1,50 €
A11,00 €2,00 €3,00 €
A02,00 €4,00 €6,00 €
120/170gA21,00 €2,00 €3,00 €
A12,00 €4,00 €6,00 €
A03,00 €6,00 €8,00 €

You can either print in the PC-Pool during opening hours or send your order directly to fakultaet6+pcpool(at) Please provide as much information as possible about the order processing when requesting the plotter appointment.

  • Paper formats (preferably DIN formats)
  • Total size of the order (quantity)
  • Paper weight (either thin, 80/90g or thick 120/170g)

Print jobs must be brought or sent in PDF or TIF format. Please check in advance if the PDF is printable.

  • all fonts should be embedded or converted to paths
  • the resolution and color model of embedded graphics should match the color model of the main document, i.e. either RGB or CMYK
  • all layers must be reduced to one layer, in this process usually also transparencies are reduced

If you do not do this preliminary work, the printer will do it itself; with possibly different results. If you are unsure, it is often helpful to make a test print with cutouts of relevant plan contents to check colors and quality. DO NOT send a scaled down version of your plans, but send cutouts the same size as the original document.