Profile of the chair

The Department of Construction History deals with historical aspects of
"Architectural Engineering" and with the preservation of historical
structures. Central topics are traditional and historical building methods,
as well as the history of construction, applied geometry and mechanics in
the building industry. This is done from a perspective that is necessarily
interdisciplinary: in order to understand the conceptual, planning, material
science and constructional aspects in their historical development,
engineering methods must be combined with hermeneutical methods of the

In the investigation of buildings and the analysis of historical technical
literature, techniques and practices as well as organisational and
communication processes can be grasped, which provide insight into the
knowledge society in which the buildings were built, and which enable
general insights into economic and social history beyond the history of
technology and ideas. 

For the preservation of historical buildings, in particular the
conservation, restoration or strengthening of their sturcture, the special
scientific and methodical bases are developed and imparted: Interventions
with the aim of usability and stability in the technical and normative
framework conditions must take into account the character of the monument as
a historical document. 

Finally, the consideration of historical construction provides a perspective
for the necessary reflection on today's building and has repeatedly proven
to be an important basis for innovation.


Current events

Conservation of Historical Structures", Exkursion zum Freiburger Münster, der Straßburger Münsterbauhütte und der Multihalle Mannheim.

23rd to 25th October: Le chantier cathédral en Europe: diffusion et sauvegarde des savoirs,savoir-faire et matériaux du Moyen Âge à nos jours.
Internationale Konferenz, Paris, Centre André Chastel.

4th November: Rippen ins Nichts und hängende Steine: Geometrische Konzeption und Tragwerksplanung von spätgotischen Gewölben.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. David Wendland, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg
Berliner Kolloquium. baugeschichte - bauforschung - denkmalpflege.
19:00 Uhr, Hörsaal A 053 im Architekturgebäude der TU Berlin

7th November: Die Umbauung des Fernsehturms
Dr. Stephanie Herold, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg
Dr.-Ing. Rolf Heider, Berlin

5th December: Die Neue Nationalgalerie
Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Oeter, Berlin
Dipl.-Ing. Michael Freytag, David Chipperfield Architects, Berlin

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