Theses at the chair of construction history

Theses Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Lorenz

Michael Maria Bastgen - For the restoration of religious buildings between 1920 and 1983 - GRK

Max Johann Beiersdorf Undulating mudbrick walls of Egypt's pharaonic late period

Michael Fischer - Reinforced Brick floors at the German Empire 1892-1925 (submitted 2009)
Awarded best dissertation in 2009 at the BTU Cottbus
Awarded "Max-Grünebaum-Preis" 20

Anke Fritzsch - Historic heating systems in European Museum architecture 1st half of the 19th century 

Bernhard HeresThe Iron structures of the State Hermitage St. Petersburg

Thi Mai Hoa Luong Determination of the real state of stress in historical steel truss structures using dynamic test(abgeschlossen 2017)
Awarded with the Research Award of the German Steel Construction Committee 2018

Christiane Kaiser The "Fleischbrücke" in Nürnberg 1596-1598 (submitted 2006)
Awarded best dissertation in 2006 at the BTU Cottbus

Vladimir KorenskyFerroconcrete construction in Russia. Introducing a new design at the beginning of the 20th century

Aleksandra Kosykh - Pioneers of modern construction. Building with iron in 18th century Russia - GRK

Sabine Kuban - Early reinforced concrete structures in Berlin 1880 - 1930, defended 2019

Hagen Schulz Analyse signifikanter Schadensbilder an Straßenbrücken im Land Brandenburg

Clara Jiva Schulte - Building iron in Paris before 1800 - Early reinforcements and first structures

Volker Wetzk Bridge bearings. 1850-1950 (submitted 2010)

Thomas WinnerThe Berlin Museum Island: E A historical construction analysis (defended)