Finished Projects

The Iron structures of the State Hermitage St. Petersburg
(2008-2017) S. Fedorov (PI), W. Lorenz (PI), B. Heres, M. Gielen.

Franz Dischinger - Life and works in context of contemporary implications
(2009-2015), W. Lorenz (PI), R. May.

Antique transport techniques
(2015), K. Rheidt (PI), V. Wetzk.

The civil engineers and the new way of building
(2014-2016), R. May.

The bronze roof of the porch of the Pantheon in Rome
(2014-2016), W. Lorenz (PI), M. Heinzelmann (PI), D. Heinzelmann (PI).

Regional development in early reinforced concrete construction
(2013-), S. Kuban, V. Korensky. 

Symposium: Shell Pioneers

Great Engineers - an online encyclopedia of civil engineers
(2007-2017), W. Lorenz (PI), S. Giese.

The construction and supporting effect of longwall arches on gothic cathedrals
(2007-2011), J. Mähner.

Historical iron and steel bridge bearings - history and options of preservation
(2004-), W. Lorenz (PI), V. Wetzk, T. Eisenkolb.

The Fleischbrücke in Nuremberg 1596-1598
(2001-2005), C. Kaiser.

Stone iron ceilings
(2000-2007, 2005-), W. Lorenz (PI), M. Fischer, M. Elze, P. Giese.

Leo von Klenze (1784-1864)
(1999-2000), W. Lorenz.

Medieval brick burning techniques
(1995-2000), C. Hennrich.