Effective E-Mail-Correspondence

Due to the high volume of work in the field of "Sociology for Social Work", in your interest e-mails should be designed in such a way that the most important information is recognizable at first glance. Therefore, please note the following:

  1. Students must always use the BTU email address . Set up the email address so that your name is recognizable. This will allow for reliable and data-secure correspondence.
  2. Choose a subject that clearly describes your request in one to three words.
  3. Be sure to use the correct salutation, including academic titles, and an appropriate tone in the text. Communicate formally, not informally.
  4. Write briefly, but accurately. If necessary, edit your wording several times before sending to make your point as clear as possible. Check that all information is included and all formal requirements are followed before sending.
  5. Add a signature to each e-mail containing at least the following information: Your full name, your matriculation number, your degree programme.
  6. Attach details about your request (e.g., text modules, table of contents, descriptions) as an attachment in the form of a PDF document. Please note the following formal requirements here as well:
    • At the top of the first page of your document, write your name, your matriculation number, your degree programme, as well as the date and details of your request (e.g. "Second attempt at the MAP in module 12034 Social scientific thinking and working in summer semester 2023: Exposé for the term paper with the title xy").
    • Remember to include page numbers and neat formatting.
    • Use your last name and date as file name and abbreviated note about your request. Avoid special characters here with the exception of the underscore[Successful example: Mayer_HA_wissArb_05122022].
  7. It can always happen that an e-mail remains unanswered for too long due to the high workload. If you have not received a reply after 5 working days, write again. It is important that you also follow the instructions outlined above in this second e-mail.

In addition, please note that certain concerns are inappropriate for emails:

  • If you have organisational questions, first look carefully on the BTU's internet and intranet pages for answers and contact persons.
  • If you need a consultation with Prof. Dr. Behrensen, register directly digitally for office hours.
  • External students make an appointment by e-mail.