Teaching areas

The courses of the department are an integral part of the curricula of the BA and MA programs at the Institute of Social Work. 

Main focus of the department:

  • Sociology for social work and sociology of social work profession,
  • Social science research methods and research methodology,
  • Heterogeneity in Education and Educational Processes,
  • Inclusion and Gifted Education,
  • Violence and Social Control,
  • Globalization, Global Inequality, Flight and Migration,
  • Societal and social change,
  • Social Inequality and Social Control,
  • Pacifism, Global Solidarity and Peace Research

Prof. Dr. Behrensen offers courses in the following modules in the summer semester 2024:

In BA Social Work:

12940 Sociology for Social Work

13129 Learning and Inclusion

13149 Learning and Social Inequality

In MA Social Work:

12998 Transformational Processes

12994 Research and Projects

In Interdisciplinary studies (FÜS):

14076 Pacifism

In the winter semester 2024/2025 Prof. Dr. Behrensen is in the research semester.

If you have any questions, please first contact the Administrative Assistant for Teaching in the Department of Social Work:

Corinna Schumann

Institute of Social Work

Tel: +49 (0) 355 5818-405

E-Mail: Corinna.Schumann(at)b-tu.de

Beyond the seminars, the chair offers opportunities to participate in current research projects. Students interested in this are encouraged to contact Prof. Dr. Behrensen directly.