BA and MA theses

The department primarily supervises BA and MA theses that have a sociological aspect to social work. In addition, the department offers topics for theses that are related to current research (see: Research). 

Generally, two types of theses are supervised: 

  • Theory-based theses: The research question is addressed through the analysis of specialized literature. This is particularly suitable for BA students who have not yet acquired confidence in empirical methods.

  • Empirical theses: The research question is addressed by analysing self-collected or existing data. This format is particularly suitable for MA students who have already acquired confidence in empirical working methods.

Students are asked to submit a brief synopsis in PDF format via email prior to the first meeting. The synopsis should include at least the following aspects:

  • Research question

  • Research interest

  • Theoretical frame of reference

  • Planned methodological approach

  • Time schedule 

Please also note the information on creating an exposé.

The adherence to scientific standards as well as a diversity-oriented writing style are expected.

The evaluation will be based on the “Criteria for the Evaluation of BA and MA theses”, which have been jointly established by the lecturers of the Institute for Social Work.