Refugee migration Grundlagen und aktuelle Herausforderungen

Since 2017, the Geflüchteten Netzwerk Cottbus (GNC) and the BTU Department of "Sociology for Social Work" have been cultivating critical conversations on issues of flight and migration, racism and diversity, empowerment and self-determination. In the summer semester of 2022, they jointly invite you for the first time to an interdisciplinary lecture series:

Refugee Migration - Foundations and Current Challenges.

The speakers will explore and discuss dynamics of refugee migration against the background of regional developments. The lecture series intends to critically examine tasks and challenges for social work. Both students of social work and other courses of study as well as the interested public are cordially invited.

Note for students in the 4th Bachelor semester Social Work: The lecture series is part of the compulsory elective module "Refugee Migration: Fundamentals and Current Challenges", an offer in the Open Module Catalog "Relations of Domination and Discrimination".