Topics for Bachelor & Master Theses or Study Projects

  • There is always the possibility to write a Bachelor or Master thesis in the direction of numerical simulation of turbulent flows using stochastic approaches as ODT/ODTLES. The scientific topics reach from mixing, boundary layer processes, combustion, process engineering to meteorology and geophysics.  
  • Required skills: solid background in fluid mechanics; experience with CFD methods (e.g. modules CFD 1 and CFD Project) and turbulence modeling, (e.g. module Turbulence Modeling)
  • Desired skills: programming experience in Fortran,C/C++, R, Python or Matlab; basic experience with Linux and computing clusters (e.g. modules Fundamentals of CFD or Parallel Computing)
  • Concerning other topics please check the recent announcements.

Focus topics and general information

  • General information  PDF
  • Student Assistants ("HiWi")  PDF

  • External Master Thesis - Water ingestion in airplane engines with a hybrid-numerical approach (in cooperation with AVL)   PDF

  • Master or Bachelor Thesis - Heat, mass, and momentum transport in concentric pipes  PDF
  • Master or Bachelor Thesis - Turbulent thermal convection with internal sources  PDF
  • Master or Bachelor Thesis - Intermittent turbulence in oscillating boundary layers  PDF
  • Master or Bachelor Thesis - Stratification effects in turbulent boundary layers  PDF

  • Master Thesis - Heat and mass transfer in coaxial and rotating reactors  PDF
  • Master Thesis - Electrohydrodynamically enhanced pipe flows  PDF
  • Master Thesis - Turbulent thermal convection in spherical shells  PDF
  • Master Thesis - Acoustic characterization of rough wall turbulent channel flows  PDF

  • Final Thesis -Turbo Fuel Cell (project descriptionPDF
  • Final Thesis - Stochastic estimation of unresolved fluctuations in RANS simulations   PDF