The scientific focus of the group lies in theoretical (reactive) fluid mechanics as in the development of interdisziplinary application of advanced numerical and modeling concepts. In detail we work on:

  • Combustion: Numerical simulation of reactive flows (e.g. ignition, detonations)
  • Canonical flows: Channel flow, turbulent boundary layer, Couette flow, Rayleigh-Bénard convection, jets
  • Convection: Free, forced, and mixed convection, internal sources, multiple active scalars, variable density
  • Meteorology: Simulation and modeling of the ABL and SC clouds
  • Multiphase flows: Sprays, charged aerosols
  • Electrohydrodynamic flows: Turbulent electroconvection, EHD enhanced transport
  • Numerical methods: Stochastic and multi scale methods, levelset methods
  • Applied fluid mechanics: OpenFOAM®, ANSYS® Fluent®
  • Hydrology: Zellular automats for land evolution models (in cooperation with Prof. Hinz)
  • Algorithms: Strategies for efficient parallelization (in cooperation with Prof. Nolte)

A strong focus lies in testing, further development, and application of stochastic concepts for modeling turbulent flows and transport processes using approaches like LEM, ODT, ODTLES, XLES, DPE, AME, or HIPS.