Register now: Fit4Future Summer School 2024: "Powering tomorrow: Doing research for a sustainable energy transition"

The Fit4Future Summer School 2024 will be a dynamic learning environment where postgraduate excellence meets the challenges of tomorrow. Our thematic focus for this edition is the critical analysis of transitions to sustainable and clean energy. It will consist of online sessions (24 May/ 17 June/ 05 July) and two onsite sessions in Cottbus and Poznan, Poland (10-13 September).

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Research and learning at the interface of environment, society and technology

The department researches and teaches on the multiple interactions of technological and social development and their impact on the environment, as well as the influence of a changing environment on society.

Our projects are inter- and transdisciplinary: We integrate scientific knowledge from different disciplines as well as experiential knowledge from the lifeworlds and practical fields of various social actors.

In doing so, we generate three forms of knowledge:

  • System knowledge - on the genesis and character of complex socio-ecological problems.
  • Target knowledge - on the socially desirable as well as intrageneratinally and intergenerationally equitable development goals
  • Transformation knowledge - on the approaches to solutions and transformation paths towards sustainability.

We are open to requests for project work, bachelor's and master's theses as well as PhD topics from students and young researchers!