Specialized studies in the bachelor's degree program in computer science

The specialized study program deepens the knowledge acquired in the basic study program, prepares students for the final Bachelor's thesis and qualifies them for the subsequent professional activity or the advanced Master's program. In the specialized studies - which are characterized by a high degree of flexibility - students expand their basic knowledge and specialize in an area of computer science that particularly corresponds to their inclinations and interests and prepares them for later professional employment. At the same time, a necessary breadth of course content is ensured. Potential supervisors for the final bachelor thesis are happy to help with the selection of relevant modules from the wide range on offer. Independent work, such as literature research, writing scientific texts and implementing software projects, is practiced in internships and seminars. The specialized studies are divided into three complexes, which are described thematically:

  • Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • Practical Computer Science
  • Applied and Technical Computer Science

For the computer science elective modules in the specialized studies, computer science modules of the 300 level must be chosen. Up to a total of 16 credit points, computer science modules from the 400 level can also be selected. In each of the three complexes, modules amounting to at least 10 credit points must be selected. A total of at least 50 credit points of computer science modules must be selected. These are each completed by an examination. In addition, a seminar or practical course from one of the three computer science complexes with a total of 4 credit points must be chosen, completed by a course credit.

In the module description, the offer tone is also indicated. If you have any questions, please contact the person responsible for the module or the subject advisor. The level and the complex of a module can be seen in the module description in the field "Remarks".

The Bachelor's degree is completed by writing the Bachelor's thesis and successfully defending it.