Basic studies in the bachelor's degree program in computer science

The basic studies comprise the first four semesters. It serves to impart the basic knowledge and techniques required for the study of computer science and to familiarize students with the tools used. In order to ensure that all students have a uniform basic knowledge after the basic studies, this study section mainly consists of compulsory modules.

The basic studies (114 LP in total) are divided into the three complexes:

Computer Science (total 66 LP) with:

Mathematics (total 24 LP) with:

  • MathematicsIT-1 (Discrete Mathematics) (8 LP) (Prü)
  • MathematicsIT-2 (Linear Algebra) (8 LP) (Prü)
  • MathematicsIT-3 (Analysis) (8 LP) (Prü)

Minor (24 LP total) with:

LP = credit points,Prü = module concludes with an examination SL = module concludes with a course credit* Since the offer changes semester by semester, the Study Commission regularly updates the catalog of modules which can be chosen.