The chair Production and Operations Management supervises Bachelor/Master thesis related to its teaching and research areas. If you are interested in writing your thesis in our chair the following course is compulsory (depending on your degree):

  1. Bachelor thesis:Introduction to Scientific Work in Production and Operations Management (11650)
  2. Master thesis:Research in Production and Operations Management (11651)

The seminars’ topics will be provided within the seminar. You will be able to select one of the suggested topics following your registration on Moodle. Research topics are usually published 2 weeks before the beginning of the semester. However, this does not preclude the individual formulation of a research topic (e.g. an enterprise related or own topic). In this case please select in Moodle the option “Individual Topic”.

Moreover, if you have an enterprise related or own topic, please send your topic description at least four weeks before the start of the semester to your preferred supervisor (research staff) and discuss your approach. Please make sure to orient yourself towards the chairs main research and towards former thesis supervised by the research staff.

We suggest you to take the seminars for your own preparation regarding the bachelor or master thesis. The resulting scientific paper fom the seminar can be used as a foundation for the thesis. It is also possible to take part in the seminar, while writing the thesis in the same semester.

All guidelines on writing a thesis are provided by the chair and should be followed. For those writing the Master Thesis, special instructions for presenting the scientific paper are going to be provided in the first session of the seminar. You can find the templates and guidelines in the download section. A digital version of your thesis has to be submitted on Moodle in the course "Abschlussarbeiten am Lehrstuhl für Produktionswirtschaft" (ask your supervisor for enrolement).

Please bear in mind the university information on writing a thesis. Befor you start writing your thesis you need to hand in the request form "Thesis Registration and Submission".

Thesis topics from past years, supervised by the chair’s staff, can be found here.