Examinations Deadlines and Study Time Limits

In order to conduct your studies successfully, it is important to be aware of the university's general study regulations for the bachelor and master levels, and the university's examination regulations for your specific study programme. It is expected that you have read and understand the study regulations applicable to your degree level (bachelor or master) and the examination regulations for your study programme.

Examination Deadlines

What is to be understood by „examination deadlines“?
The topic of examination deadlines covers both the registration and deregistration for module examinations as well as the scheduling of repeat examinations according to the study regulations for bachelor and master study levels. Please take note of the information provided on this website under Examinations > Registering for Examinations.

Study Time Limits

What are study time limits?
The General Study Regulations define overall time limits for completing study programmes and lay out schedules defining how many credits need to be earned within certain stages of studying.

Academic counseling
The study time limits for bachelor programmes are defined in §10 of the General Study Regulations for the bachelor level. According to § 10 (5), the following number of credits need to be obtained by the start of the respective semester: 

  • at the start of the 3rd semester: 40 credits
  • at the start of the 5th semester: 80 credits
  • at the start of the 7th semester: 120 credits
  • at the start of the 9th semester: 160 credits. 

For study programmes with a regular duration of study of 7 semesters, students need to obtain 190 credits by the start of the 10th semester.

If you do not earn the required number of credits in time, then the registrar's office will send you a written letter inviting you to an academic counseling with the academic advisor of your study programme. It is important to attend the counseling, because it gives you the opportunity to present your reasons as to why you have not earned the required number of credits in time.The academic advisor will offer support in organizing your individual curriculum. Please bring a current transcript of records and your current timetable for the semester.

According to § 10 (5) of the General Study Regulations for master's degree programmes, you shall be invited for the academic counseling if you have not earned at least 40 credits by the beginning of the third semester.

Irrespective of this academic counseling according to the General Study Regulations you always have the right to make an appointment with the academic advisor of your study programm

Study Counseling
According to the General Examination and Study Regulations for Bachelor and Master, students are invited to the mandatory study counseling if they have not successfully completed a required module examination or the Bachelor Thesis within four semesters after their allocation in the Regular Study Plan.

If you fail to comply with the obligation to participate in the study counseling, reject the Agreement of Study Progress or do not reach the conditions specified in the Agreement of Study Progress until the deadline without claiming justified reasons in writing in due time you will lose your examination right and you will be removed from the student register.

What happens during study counseling?
During the study counseling your current study progress will be
analysed in order to plan your future studies together.The purpose of the study counseling is to conclude an individual mandatory Agreement of Study Progress where you commit yourself to certain measures for the achievement of your studies. Furthermore, a written agreement can be set on appropriate measures of the university to support your study progress. Your individual situation will be adequately taken into account when setting commitments.