Illness and Incapability

Incapability to Take an Examination

What does it mean to be incapable to take an examination?
The most common cause of incapability is illness. Cases of “force majeure” can also be claimed. These are often the result of strikes (except for announced strikes), natural disasters, among others. The important point is that the cause of incapability is not one's own fault.

Which medical certificate provides proof of an incapability to take an examination?
This is set in the General Study Regulations and additional ordinances. As of the WS 2012/2013, the „Medical Certificate on the Incapability to Take an Examination“ is to be used and needs to be promptly submitted in person or per mail in original (not scanned) to the registrar’s office within five working days after the scheduled examination date the incapability to take an examination. The medical certificate may not be issued any later than on the day of the examination.

A medical sick note (yellow paper from the doctor) is not a valid medical certificate to prove incapability to take an examination. If in doubt or in case of recurrence the examination board may require a medical certificate from a public health officer.

Certificates in foreign languages require an official translation.

All costs arising from any of the above are not billable to the university.

I had proof of being ill, but I still participated in an examination.
If you have a medical certificate from a doctor and nonetheless participate in and complete an examination, you, by doing so, declare yourself capable of taking the examination.

If you need to discontinue taking an examination due to abrupt occurrence of an illness, then you are required to notify the examiner and immediately visit a doctor who will issue you a medical certificate.

If the medical certificate covers a time period of more than one day and you participate in an examination during this time period you, by doing so, declare yourself capable of taking the examination. The results of the examination shall be counted, regardless of the outcome. This applies as well if you are registered for two examinations on one day and only participate in one of them. If the medical certificate covers a time period of more than one day and you participate in an examination during this time period, then the medical certificate is no longer valid for the rest of the time period.

What should I do if the examination takes place on a Saturday and I suddenly fall ill?
In this case you should visit an on-call doctor and submit your medical certificate on the incapability to take an examination to the registrar’s office within 5 work days after determining the incapability to take an examination.

Why should I notify the university about my illness? Why may I not just not participate in the examination and thereby withdraw from the examination?
A student who does not show up to an examination after registering for it and has not deregistered before the deadline or who leaves an examination before completing the examination will be awarded a failing grade of 5,0. This means that the examination will be recorded as not passed.

I'm pregnant. What about studying?
Congratulations on your pregnancy!
According to the Maternity Protection Act (Mutterschutzgesetz, MuSchG), pregnant and nursing students are entitled to a six-week period of protection before and at least eight weeks after birth.On 01.01.2018, the revised Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG) came into force with comprehensive changes. Similar to female employees, female students are accordingly required to report their pregnancy to the university (§14). The first contact is the family office of BTU Cottbus Senftenberg. Further information and the procedure at the BTU Cottbus Senftenberg can also be found in the information sheet - Pregnancy during studies.

I suffer from examination anxiety. What can I do about this?
The student services organisation (Studentenwerk) offers counselling to students. They can talk openly about their difficulties with a psychologist. Psychological counselling is offered by ms.  psychologist A. Schmidt and ms. dr. T. Böhme, a qualified psychologist. Counselling sessions take place in the Studentenhaus Cottbus / room 18. We forgive to avoid around delays during the individual deliberation dates! You receive these here

How is a psychological counselling?
Video for psychological counselling from CampusTV