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"Architectur is Construction" - formulated by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, probably the most important Prussian master builder, as early as 1830 on the linking of architecture and construction technology. Indeed, the interplay of form, construction and function, as well as the integration into the surroundings, decisively determines the quality of a building. The study programme in the field of construction at the BTU is oriented towards this holistic approach, which - as the Cottbus model - unites architects, urban planners and civil engineers in a joint faculty.

The prospective planners and engineers learn from the very beginning to develop their ideas conceptually, from the draft to the finished building. from the sketch to computer-aided planning on the PC to the spatial implementation in the form of models, creative, economic, ecological, social, static-constructive and supply engineering aspects of the construction planning are combined with each other. in regular consultations and presentations, the students communicate and discuss their state of knowledge and benefit from the feedback of their lecturers. the joint work in project teams and in the studio simulates, in the sense of a real laboratory, the later engineering and architectural practice and prepares in the best possible way for a demanding professional activity.