Ulrich L. Rohde, partner of Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co, KG, Munich, chairman of Synergy Microwave Corp. Paterson, NJ  , lives and works in Florida and New Jersey, USA and in Munich.
After studying for a degree in high-frequency communications engineering in Munich, Darmstadt and New York (Columbia University MBA program), he did his doctorate to become a Doctor of Engineering (TU Berlin) and then qualified as a professor with the title Dr.-Ing. habil. (BTU Cottbus). He was initially in charge of the Rohde & Schwarz office in the USA and then became General Manager of RCA Radio Group for Communication and Radio Intelligence for the Ministry of Defense, in the USA, with sales of around $3 billion and roughly 10000 employees, until GE bought the whole of RCA. He then founded several companies in the field of microwave CAD technology and for developing and manufacturing microwave components.
His particular areas of interest are low-noise, highly linear microwave oscillators, amplifiers, mixers, synthesizers, and active antennae. In this area, he has published six monographs – most recently in 2016 with McGraw Hill – and in excess of 100 peer-reviewed papers. He is the proprietor of over four dozen patents. He has been presented with numerous international prizes.

Prof. Dr.-Ing.-habil. Dr. h.c. mult. Ulrich L. Rohde is the partner of Rohde & Schwarz, Munich Germany, Chairman of Synergy Microwave Corp., Paterson, New Jersey; President of Communications Consulting Corporation, serving as an honorary member of the Senate of the Armed Forces University Munich, honorary member of the Senate of the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus–Senftenberg, past member of the Board of Directors of Ansoft Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dr. Rohde is serving as a honorary professor at IIT Delhi, full professor at Oradea University, Romania, and visiting professor at Technical University Munich, Germany. Since 1977 Dr. Rohde has been Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, and since 1982 he has been Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering at George Washington University, Washington DC. In addition to other academic commitments, he is honorary professor at the University of Cottbus, honorary member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences in Munich, and honorary senator at the “Universität der Bundeswehr München” and is a member of the Center of Excellence at this Universität (Federal Armed Forces University Munich, Germany) . He has been conferred with honorary doctorates from the Universities of Oradea and Klausenburg, and is a member of various scientific advisory boards and supervisory boards.

Dr. Rohde is an IEEE life Fellow, published more than 300 scientific papers in professional journals and conferences, co-authored of 12 technical books and book chapters, and over 4 dozen patents. Dr. Rohde is a recipient of prestigious 2014 IFCS C. B. Sawyer Award. In 2015, he received IEEE Region 1 scientific Innovation award, IEEE IFCS I. I. Rabi Award for “intellectual leadership, selection and measurement of resonator structures for implementation in high performance frequency sources, essential to the determination of atomic resonance.” In 2016, Dr. Rohde received the IEEE MTT-S Microwave Application Award, “for his significant contributions to the development of low-noise oscillator performance”, this prestigious award recognizes an individual, or a team, for an outstanding application of microwave theory and techniques.

Dr. Rohde is a member of the following: Fellow Member of the IEEE, Member of the IEEE Technical Committee for HF, VHF, and UHF Technology MTT-17, Member of the IEEE Signal Generation and Frequency Conversion MTT-22, Member of the Board of Trustees Fraunhofer Gesellchaft (EMFT) for Modular Solid State Technology, Member of the Board of Trustees of the Bavarian Academy of Science, and Honorary Member of the Academy of Science, all in Munich, ETA KAPPA NU Honor Society, Executive Association of the Graduate School of Business-Columbia University, New York, The Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association, Fellow of the Radio Club of America, former Chairman of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Advisory Board at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

In 2006, Dr. Rohde was honored as Microwave Legend by Microwave & RF Magazine; the selection was based on global voting. In 2009, Dr. Rohde was selected in the list of Divine Innovators of November 2011, Microwave Journal. Based on Dr. Rohde’s 5-decade of scientific creativity and pioneer contributions in the field of microwave and antenna, IEEE has established 2 awards on his name “IEEE Ulrich L. Rohde Innovative Conference Paper Awards on Antenna Measurements and Applications” and “IEEE Ulrich L. Rohde Innovative Conference Paper Awards on Computational Techniques in Electromagnetics”.
His hobbies are sailing, U.S. Merchant Marine Officer, Master of Steam or Motor Vessels, photography and ham radio (Dj2LR and N1UL).


RF and Microwave Circuit Design Techniques

  • 1962 Abitur (high school diploma), Munich
  • 1962 - 1966 Study of Electrical Engineering, Universities of Munich and Darmstadt
  • 2004 Dissertation: A New and Efficient Method of Designing Low Noise Microwave Oscillators, Dr.-Ing., Gesamtnote "sehr gut", TU Berlin, Germany
  • 2011 Habilitation degree: A novel approach for generating active inductors for microwave oscillators - Mathematical treatment and experimental verification of active inductors for microwave application, Dr.-Ing. habil.,BTU Cottbus, Germany
Work Experience
  • 1965 - 1968 Design Engineer, responsible for development of cable repeaters, United States Underseas Cable Corp., Cologne
  • 1968 - 1974 Director of military communication systems division, AEG Telefunken, Ulm
  • 1973 - Present Partner, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co., KG, Munich
  • 1974 - 1982 President, Rohde & Schwarz USA, Fairfield, NJ
  • 1977 Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Florida, Gainesville teaching a radio communications course, permanent appointment
  • April 1979 Sc.D. h.c., Clayton University, USA for accomplishments in the field of radio communication
  • 1980 Executive training in business administration, Columbia University, New York
  • 1982 - 1985 Managing Director of the military communication division, RCA Corp., Camden, NJ
  • 1982 Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering, George Washington University, Washington DC, permanent appointment
  • 1985 - 1997 President, Compact Software, Inc., Paterson, NJ
  • 1985 - Present Chairman, Synergy Microwave Corp., Paterson, NJ
  • 1990 - 1992 Visiting Research Professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering, Newark, NJ
  • 1997 - 2006 Member of the Board of Directors Ansoft Corp., Pittsburgh, PA
  • May 1997 Professor of Electrical Engineering and Microwave Technology, University of Oradea, Romania, permanent appointment
  • October 1997 Dr. h.c., University of Grosswardein for accomplishments in microwave CAD
  • November 1997 Dr. h.c., Technical University of Klausenburg for accomplishments in microwave technology
  • October 1998 Honorary Visiting Professor of Electronic and Microwave Engineering, University of Bradford, England
  • November 2001 Gastprofessor (visiting professor) of RF and Microwave Technologies, Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus
  • April 2002 Honorarprofessor (honorary professor) of RF and Microwave Technologies, Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus
  • 2003 - 2007 Member of Advisory Council of IHP Microelectronics (Frankfurt(Oder))


  • Fellow, IEEE
  • ETA KAPPA NU Honor Society
  • Executive Association of the Graduate School of Business-Columbia University, New York
  • The Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association
  • Fellow of the Radio Club of America
  • Past Chairman of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Advisory Board at New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • DeForest Audion Gold Medal from the Veteran Wireless Operators Association, August 2006
  • Selected to be part of the Microwave Legends: Through innovation and invention, these 45 people, places, and things have shaped the microwave industry.

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