Changes in the allocation of carrels

On the 6th floor of the IKMZ are lockable carrels, each with its own PC. The procedure for allocating these carrels will be changed from 1st of july, 2020. For example, the loan periods, the fees and the order ability will equally change.

Beginning with a test period, the following changes will come into force for the allocation of carrels from 1st of july, 2020:

Carrels in the IKMZ can be booked / reserved over the library catalogue. All previous carrel registrations on the waiting list will be transferred to the reservation system. The transfer takes place chronologically according to the order of entry on the waiting list. There is no need to initiate a new registration.

Starting from 1st of July 2020, the loan period for all newly borrowed Carrels will be 20 days. In case there is no further reservation(s) on the waiting list, then can a carrel be extended by 3 x 40 days. Similar to the media lending services, you will be informed through e-mail about available Carrels. You will also receive a reminder e-mail one week before the end of the loan period. During the test period, the carrels will be given away free of charge. In case loan deadline has passed, overdue fees will be incured.

In the carrels, the general mask usage requirement applies, please also observe all other hygiene regulations.

We welcome feedback during test period by mail to bibliothek+service(at)

Changes shortly:

Fee will be suspended, from: 1st of july, 2020

Deadline for changes: 30th of june/1st of july, 2020, reservation release will take place later

Loan period: 20 days and extension period: 3 x 40 days subject to reservation (similar to book lending)

Overdue Fees: analogous to book lending

Catalogue display: Carrel (location IKMZ), work cabin (location Senftenberg and Sachsendorf)

Collection period: 5 days (analogue book lending)

Please note:

Due to the current situation, reservations for a carrel can initially only be made at the library service counters or via bibliothek+service(at)


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