Spitsbergen - an archipelago in the Arctic

photo exhibition by Liane Haensch

In March we present a nature photo exhibition about Spitsbergen. You will get an insight into the landscape and wildlife of this unique region far north of the Arctic Circle. Despite the special location, many animal and plant species have adapted to this habitat.

The pictures were taken in June 2017 on a boat trip along the west coast. Liane Haensch works as a librarian in our university library. In her spare time, she enjoys videography and amateur photography.

If your interest has been piqued and you would like to see more of the Arctic, you can watch the video films "Spitsbergen: Part 1 In the Ice" (approx. 9 minutes, English subtitle) and "Spitsbergen: Part 2 The West Coast" (approx. 12 minutes, English subtitle) on the Youtube platform, which were also made by the author.

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Foto von L. Haensch